Telephone Bill Payment Online - Landline Bill Payment through Our Services

Get telephone bill payment online using JumiaPay today and enjoy easy and secure payments when using any of our services. Pay your utility bills online, including landline bill payment without having to move from the comfort of your home. Enjoy safe credit card payments online today.

Online Landline Bill Payment

Along with having a home telephone, comes the telephone bill which can be paid monthly or quarterly. JumiaPay is an online service that provides you the possibility to pay your landline bill online. This can be considered the best of both worlds, where you use the technology of the internet to pay for your land phone bill. Sign up or sign in to JumiaPay with your Jumia account, choose WE , whether it’s monthly or quarterly, and select your payment method and Pay your Quarterly or Monthly home landline bill from anywhere and anytime online.


Landline Telephone Bill Payment Online With JumiaPay

The online telephone bill payment has never been easier, as you will not need to move from the comfort of your home or your office. All you need is to download JumiaPay App and add your credit card to pay your phone bill online. Avoid service stop, using our JumiaPay App today in seconds
Jumia One is a reliable and easy service platform for paying bills and recharging, along with many other simplified services. Make your telephone bill payment today from JumiaPay, because we don’t only help you make your landline bill payment, we also try to make your life better!

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